Aluminium joinery

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Visual lightness and large glazed surfaces

ARTLINE allows leaves weighing up to 1,200 kg and 3.5 m in height to be moved smoothly, thanks to two wheeled trolleys positioned underneath the system. In this way, the sliding of the leaves is very smooth, despite the heavy weights. It thus unites numerous features and guarantees in accordance with a highly demanding product both in terms of thermal insulation and its many configurations.


More natural light

ARTLINE attains that difficult balance between transparency and comfort. It uses less aluminium despite creating large glazed areas, therefore allowing more natural light to enter the building.

Corner application

opened, the corner is completely open, blurring the line that separates the interior from outdoors. When closed, the leaves on each side meet at the corner, ensuring both water and air tightness.


The leaves may be motorised – an ideal option for people with reduced mobility.

Diversity of applications

Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado

lumeal xxl

Maximum, minimum, unique
For extraordinary dimensions

Lumeal XXL is Technal’s sliding door designed for glazed spaces of unusual dimensions. Its bearing system allows leaves weighing up to 600 kg to slide with optimum smoothness and precision.


Large-scale dimensions

  • Maximum dimensions: Up to L 6.00 m x H 3.00 m. Balcony 2 leaves 2 rails.
  • Maximum weight per leaf: Up to 600 kg

High performance

Its reinforced central profile ensures the glazing’s wind resistance, enabling remarkable heights to be attained. In terms of visibility, the top and side profiles can be concealed on site, while the central node and the minimal lower edge leaf profile offer a slender, minimalist image.

  • Thermal: Uw 0= 1.2 W/m2.K and Sw = 0.46 TLw = 0.65
  • Double glazing with Ug= 1.0 W/m2.K + insulating interlayer (L 4.50 m x H 2.70 m)
  • Acoustics: -35 dBA (Ra, Tr) Balcony 2 rails – 1 leaf + 1 fixed leaf (L 2.8 m x H 2.2 m)
  • Watertightness: A4 EB4 CC2 Balcony, 2 leaves 2 rails ( L 2.89 m H 2.25 m)

Diversity of shapes

Accessibility: Floor profile for people with reduced mobility

Diversity of applications


Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado

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