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Universal doors with multiple solutions

Eco-concepción y desarrollo sostenible son los principios que ha guiado el proceso de creación de la puerta SOLEAL

Eco-conception and sustainable development are the principles that have guided the SOLEAL door’s design process. The SOLEAL door is entirely designed with thermal break and can be customised with various decorative panels. It offers aesthetics and performance in line with the SOLEAL line of windows and balconies.


To ensure your home’s security, SOLEAL doors are equipped with three lateral locking points and two vertical locking points to make dismantling difficult. They have specific multi-point locks, three reinforced body hinges with stainless steel shafts and an anti-piercing locking system.


One of the strengths of the SOLEAL door is its extra-flat floor profile that poses no risk to people with reduced mobility. SOLEAL is also the door for new challenges, mainly for large openings, allowing comfortable access, in different versions, single-leaf, double-leaf or composite.

  • Multi-point closure (from 1 to 4) with key lock option.
  • Concealed drainage in all applications.
  • PRM accessibility solution, available in all applications.


Three opening options to suit your projects

  • Simple hinged action
  • Tube
  • Swing, with pivot

Diversity of applications


Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado


Hinged door, inward or outward opening, of one or two leaves.
Coplanar aesthetics both inside and outside.

  • 50 mm construction module, same as the operable window.
  • Specially designed for intensive use.
  • 2.5 mm thick aluminium profiles, making it a tough, durable door.

While maintaining the same 50 mm construction module as the operable window, the door in the UNNO range has been specially designed for intensive use. This is a hinged door, interior or exterior opening, of one or two leaves. Its profiles have an aluminium thickness of 2.5 mm, making it a tough, durable door.

The UNNO reinforced door has a coplanar aesthetic both inside and out.



  • 50 mm frame and leaf.
  • Glazing from 6 to 32 mm.
  • Sliding hinges for reinforced door up to: 120 kg residential / 110 kg public use / 100 kg intensive use.

Watertightness principle

Watertightness is ensured by a double seal system and a plush lower edge.

  • EPDM seals pursuant to European requirements, resistant to weathering and ageing.
  • Bottom sill profile.


  • Locks with 3-point locking.
  • Electric locking.
  • Profiles with 2.5 mm reinforced walls.
  • Security glazing beads.

Diversity of applications

Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado


The multi-space folding door

This solution offers quality finishes. It is characterised by its original opening, its XXL dimensions and its multiple applications.

Puertas carpinteriua metalica ambial

Each leaf, supported by TECHNAL’s exclusive bearings, supports up to 150 kg in weight, while guaranteeing top-quality thermal performance and air and water tightness.

The finishes have been carefully designed down to the smallest detail to offer visual harmony both when the door is open and when it is closed. The profiles are flush and the visible part is distinguished by its refinement and balance.


It is possible to configure different types of openings (up to ten leaves with a maximum of five leaves per side):

  • From one side for panoramic opening.
  • From the centre to mark the separation between two spaces, opening into two parts.



This system allows the incorporation of up to ten leaves, with a maximum height of three metres and a width of 1.2 m each, i.e. a total length of 12 metres.

The AMBIAL door allows natural light to flood homes, restaurants, cafés, hotels… blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

  • Large dimensions, up to 12 m long in ten leaves.
  • Glazing from 14 to 52 mm.
  • Refined design:
    • Uniform black vertical line in open position thanks to black seals and fittings.
    • Black plush seal.
    • Exclusive Technal handle solution with integrated lock (optional), no visible anchoring in closed position.
  • High thermal performance.
  • One-point and three-point locking with key lock


Large-scale dimensions

  • Maximum dimensions: Up to 1200 x 3000 mm for single leaf doors.
  • Maximum weight per leaf: up to 150 kg.

Diversity of applications

Number of leaves, up to ten.

  • Opening from the centre or side.
  • Interiors and exterior opening
Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado

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