Tempered glass

Safety glass Tempered glass is obtained by subjecting glass to a thermal process resulting in improvement of the glass’s thermal and mechanical properties.

If it breaks, the toughened glass shatters into tiny pieces, eliminating the risk of being cut in accidents.

The entire manufacturing process of tempered glass must be carried out before the glass is tempered, otherwise it may break. When installing it, one must always try to avoid direct contact with the metal, if drilling or notching is involved, as this could lead to breakage.

Characteristics of
tempered glass

Large-scale dimensions

Maximum dimensions: Depending on the glass thickness, tempered glass up to 3000 x 2160 mm can be supplied.
The maximum thickness we work with is 19 mm and its maximum weight: 47 kg/m2

High security and resistance

Tempered glass is highly resistant to impact and sudden changes in temperature.
Furthermore, its manner of breaking limits the risk of cuts to the user.

Uses and applications


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