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ECO 65

Efficient windows.
Improved thermal and acoustic performance

  • 65 mm module.
  • 35 mm PA66 polyamides reinforced with 25% fibreglass.
  • EPDM seals
  • Supplementary central seal (optional) for improved thermal and acoustic performance
  • Glazing up to 54 mm (double and triple glazing)



  • Straight lines.
  • Wing handle or square handle options.
  • Option of using exposed hinges or concealed hinges.
  • Straight or curved inner glazing bead options

Construction principles

  • Tubular aluminium profiles with brackets (inside and outside).
  • Visible drains.
  • Frames with grooves (for end caps) or without grooves.
  • 65 mm module frames and 73 mm module sashes.
  • Glazing up to 54 mm thick in sash and up to 46 mm thick in fixed glazing.
  • Single or double central seal (depending on desired thermal values)

Diversity of applications

  • Window, interior opening balcony or tilt-and-turn, 1 or 2 sashes.
  • Windows with projecting external opening (hinged) or Italian style (with pivot).
  • Door with interior opening (1 or 2 sashes)
    or external (1 sash), with lock.
    Combination of any application with side, top or bottom-hung window sashes.
  • 2 hardware options (Alufitt or premium); for weights and dimensions, please refer to the abacuses in the fittings catalogue.


Modular evolutionary windows

The SOLEAL range combines exceptional technical features with aesthetics and ergonomics.

It is an elegant modern window, both for new builds and renovation.

The range furthermore features three different aesthetics: Concealed, Minimalist and Visible. There are furthermore three different modules:

three differents aesthetics

Visible sash

carpinteria metalica ventana soleal vista

An imposing aluminium exterior gives the joinery a quality appearance.

Concealed sash

carpinteria metalica ventana soleal oculta

A clipped seal makes the sash disappear, creating an effect where the sash and fixed frame merge.

Slender, minimalist shapes that recall the appearance of steel frames used in the non-residential sector.

Minimalist sash

carpinteria metalica ventana soleal minima

A clipped glazing bead subtly highlights the window sash, giving the joinery a contemporary feel.

SOLEAL window modules

Soleal 55

With 20 mm thermal break for greater comfort and adaptability.

3 outdoor aesthetic lines:

  • Contemporary: straight and minimalist.
  • Classic: curved and rounded.
  • Traditional: bevelled and moulded.

3 interior styles to customise the joinery.

Clipped flashings available in all three styles.

Soleal 65

With 30 mm thermal break for optimum performance.

Visible sash in interior and exterior opening.

Reinforced safety: resistance class CR2 according to European standard EN 1627-30.

Soleal 75

With 40 mm thermal break, for very demanding thermal and acoustic requirements, as it offers the possibility of incorporating triple glazing.

Minimalist sash with clipped bead option for discreetly highlighting the sash.

Slenderness of visible volumes, 52 mm at perimeter and 66 mm in central section.

Glazing: From 28 to 52 mm on the sash. From 21 to 62 mm on the fixed frame.



Up to L 1 m x H 2.70 m (Balcony 1 sash)


Up to 130 kg


Uw up to 0.9 W/m2.K with triple glazing (Ug = 0.5)
Balcony 1 sash L 1.25 m x H 2.18 m


-41 dBA (Ra, Tr) 1 minimalist tilt -and-turn sash 88.1 – 20 – 66.2 (L 1.23 m x H 1.48 m)


A4 EE1800 VC5
Balcony 1 minimalist tilt-and-turn sash (L 1.20 m x H 1.60 m)

Diversity of applications


Unicity hi

The most discreet sash window

UNICITY HI is thoroughly elegant, the most discreet window on the market, with an exposed profile of just 55 mm.

Its excellent results in terms of thermal and acoustic performance, combined with its minimalist aesthetics have made it one of our most popular joinery choices.

Thanks to its minimal visibility profile, rooms benefit from more natural light. Its external appearance is identical for both fixed and movable elements. Whatever its configuration, when viewed from the outside it is always 55 mm.


The window’s double glazing effect along with its thermal break and triple sealing bead guarantees considerable energy savings.


Average outdoor noise in an urban area is around 60 decibels. A UNICITY HI window with double glazing reduces noise by 40 dB, muting it to a level that ensures indoor comfort.

  • The frame has concealed drainage.
  • Choice of plain or moulded frame design.
  • Sash always in a straight design.
  • Glazing up to 38 mm with RPT sash and up to 42 mm with non-RPT sash.


Large-scale dimensions

Maximum dimensions: up to L 1 m x H 2.5 m (single-hung sash).
Maximum weight per sash: up to 140 kg.

High performance
  • Thermal: Uw up to 1.1 W/m2.ºK triple glazing (Ug = 0.6)
    Balcony 1 panel L 1.25 m x H 2.18 m
  • Acoustic: 40 dBA (Ra,Tr)
    Balcony, double-hung sash 44.2 – 14 – 66.2 (L 1.30 m x H 2.75 m)
  • Watertightness: A4 E9A VC4
    Balcony, 1 tilt-and-turn sash (L 0.90 m x H 2.10 m)
Diversity of applications
Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado


Maximum design and transparency
minimalist design lines

“MAX” aims to emphasise the innovative character of this extension of the WICLINE 75 range, offering minimalist design lines. It favours the window’s maximum transparency while guaranteeing the use of recyclable materials, both polyamides and aluminium, with 75% coming from post-consumer recycled aluminium.

It achieves a harmonious appearance and consistent lines thanks to fittings, sash and drains that are all concealed, along with the new handle, also concealed and integrated in the sash.


This innovative design won the 2018 iF DESIGN AWARD, 2018 Red Dot Design Award and 2019 GERMAN DESIGN AWARD.

The window handle is concealed in the sash, giving the window a harmonious appearance.

Technical features

Profile technology:

  • Frame depth: 75 mm
  • Height of the visible frame: 44 mm
  • Depth of system construction: 95 mm
  • Maximum height of the sash’s visible face: 57 mm
  • Glazing capacity up to 50 mm.
  • Maximum sash width: up to 1400 mm.
  • Maximum sash height: up to 2250 mm.


Visible lines:

  • Frame: 74 mm
  • Transom: 79 mm
  • Concealed sash: 57 mm (interior visible line).

Opening types

  • Operable
  • Tilt-and-turn
  • Folding
  • Logical opening.
Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado

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