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Universal doors with multiple solutions

Eco-concepción y desarrollo sostenible son los principios que ha guiado el proceso de creación de la puerta SOLEAL

Eco-conception and sustainable development are the principles that have guided the SOLEAL door’s design process. The SOLEAL door is entirely designed with thermal break and can be customised with various decorative panels. It offers aesthetics and performance in line with the SOLEAL line of windows and balconies.


To ensure your home’s security, SOLEAL doors are equipped with three lateral locking points and two vertical locking points to make dismantling difficult. They have specific multi-point locks, three reinforced body hinges with stainless steel shafts and an anti-piercing locking system.


One of the strengths of the SOLEAL door is its extra-flat floor profile that poses no risk to people with reduced mobility. SOLEAL is also the door for new challenges, mainly for large openings, allowing comfortable access, in different versions, single-leaf, double-leaf or composite.

  • Multi-point closure (from 1 to 4) with key lock option.
  • Concealed drainage in all applications.
  • PRM accessibility solution, available in all applications.


Three opening options to suit your projects

  • Simple hinged action
  • Tube
  • Swing, with pivot

Diversity of applications


Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado


The lifting slider for large dimensions

GALENE has lifting mechanisms that ensure optimum window manoeuvrability.

The sliding window has a thermal break, while its design has been optimised for large dimensions of up to ten metres. Thanks to its lifting mechanism, the window can withstand loads of up to 400 kg per sash.


The slider’s lifting mechanism allows the bearings to be concealed after the slider has been closed. This system consisting of bearing tracks provides comfortable handling and manoeuvrability despite the exceptional size of the leaves. The handle’s design offers an excellent grip.

  • 126 frame with optimised design for large glazing areas.
  • Dimensions up to 5 m x 2.5 m in 2-leaf sliding with a maximum weight per leaf of 400 kg.
  • Bearings for optimum manoeuvrability.


Large-scale dimensions
  • Maximum dimensions: Up to L 5.00 m x H 2.5 m. Balcony 2 leaves.
  • Maximum weight per leaf: Up to 400 kg.
High performance
  • Thermal: Uw 0= 1.6 W/m2.K and Sw = 0.59 TLw = 0.66.
    Double glazing with Ug= 1.0 + insulating interlayer (L 5.00 m x H 2.50 m).
  • Acoustics: -34 dBA (Ra, Tr)
    Balcony two leaves (L 3.79 m x H 2.95 m).
  • Watertightness: A4 E7A VC3. Balcony 2 leaves (L 3.00 m x H 2.20 m).

Durability class level 3 (20,000 cycles) according to EN 1191-2000.

Diversity of applications

2 rails:

  • 2 movable leaves
  • 2 leaves + fixed lateral
  • 3 leaves + fixed central
  • 3 movable leaves
  • 4 leaves + 2 fixed lateral
  • 4 movable leaves

3 rails:

  • 3 movable leaves
  • 3 leaves + fixed lateral
  • 6 movable leaves
  • 6 leaves + 2 fixed lateral

Galandage. Monorail:

  • 1 monorail leaf
  • 2 monorail leaves
Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado


More light – less profile

The top-of-the-range lift-up slider that combines minimum sight line with high performance.

The trend towards more transparent and luminous windows sometimes leads to solutions that are too exclusive due to their high price. TECHNAL launches a new series of lifting or simply sliding mechanisms onto the market. Their minimalist design in its central mullion lets them create large-dimension windows that handle easily and are affordable for the end consumer.

ESBELTAL provides high gain in natural light thanks to this 36 mm central mullion, giving an elegant, discreet and slender appearance. It offers the possibility of choosing between a sliding or lifting opening, depending on the project needs.


The sliding version with thermal break supports 250 kg of weight per leaf, while the lift-up version with thermal break has a maximum weight of 350 kg per leaf.


The frame profile can be hidden behind the wall and partially concealed from the outside.

Like other sliding doors from this brand, esbeltal offers the option of flush fitting the lower frame.

  • 160 mm frame module (2 rails).
  • Sliding version with thermal break, for 250 kg weight per leaf.
  • Lifting version with thermal break, for 350 kg weight per leaf.
  • The frame profile can be hidden behind the wall and partially concealed from the outside.
  • Combinations with fixed leaf in the frame.
  • Central cross 36 mm edge/ Stainless steel rails


Large-scale dimensions
  • Maximum dimensions: 3100 mm x 2800 mm depending on wind pressure/suction. Recommended not to exceed the ratio 2.5 / 1
  • Maximum weight per leaf: 250 kg for the sliding version / 350 kg for the lifting version.
High performance
  • Thermal: Up to Uf 1.40 W/m2K for leaf and glazing fixed direct to frame.
  • Up to Uf 2.46 W/m2K for double rail, 2 leaves. (In application SHi maximum insulation; EN ISO 10077-2).
    Achievable Minergie level Uw < 1.0 W/m2K (Calculated with leaf + glazing to frame for a dimension of L 4.5 m x H 2.3 m and a value Ug = 0.7 W/m2K).
  • Watertightness: A4 E900 VC3. Balcony 2 leaves (L 2.40 m x H 2.40 m).
Diversity of shapes

Accessibility: Option of having the lower frame flush and drainage through DEC.

Diversity of applications
Technal fabricante instalador carpinteria metalica homologado

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